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Aw Yeah, Raven!


Moar Raven!

Cosplayer: Me! (I hand made every single piece ;~;)
Photographer: Francis “Peejay” Santos


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Raven from the animated TV show ‘Teen Titans’, made for my eldest daughter’s 13th birthday

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So guess who just spent 5 hours doing this?!?! :DDDD BUT SO WORTH ITTTTT!!!!!

I wanted to do a fantasy AU for Teen Titans after I posted this post:


So here it is! MY TEEN TITANS FANTASY AU!!! n_n it would be fun to get some people to hop on board with me! Just think of all the cool fanfics and arts we could do!!! *0*

nikanono doodled some of these designs ( http://shock777.tumblr.com/post/92320717088/nikanono-sophieandace-teen-tyrant ) and I just redrew them and colored them here! I changed them up slightly but most of the designs for starfire, Cyborg and Robin come from her!!!! :D thank you for inspiring me!!! Xoxoxoxo

Hope you all enjoy! I wanna see some arts guys! :’)

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I know others have been requesting this too, she’s just too hard yo :/

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Teen Titans Preview

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Comic version. Cartoon version here.

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Cartoon version. Comic version here.

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Character: Raven

Series: DC Comics

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Just saw this pop up online — It’s a Teen Titans variant cover I drew for DC comics in celebration of Batman’s 75th anniversary. You can see more DC covers celebrating the Bat here.

This piece is actually a bit of a send-up to a previous DC cover I drew seven years ago. That cover was for the now defunct Teen Titans GO comic series, based on the Glen Murakami tv show ‘Teen Titans’ (now back on the air as Teen Titans GO). It was my first professional comics work ever for DC (or anyone else, for that matter) and I am still eternally grateful to DC comics and Mark Chiarello for giving me that first shot. It officially began my comics career, and I find myself both happy and proud to still be a part of this community I love so dear. 

With Batman celebrating 75 years in comics, I find myself celebrating 7. Cheers.

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somebody asked for a gravity falls teen titans cosplay and i got into it

dipper’s convinced he looks hella cool in that robin costume… no one has the heart to break it to him

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